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Informal. dear; sweetheart (a term of address, usually connoting affection). Slang. a person: a smart cookie; a tough cookie. an alluring young woman. Another word for a woman's vagina. "She was keeping her woman's cookie away from her spouse.

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She's a sharp cookie and will have no trouble seeing a sales pitch for what it is. Sharp Cookie is an idiom. The meaning of this idiom is (idiomatic) One who is intelligent, bright, or sharp; especially, one who can identify attempts to deceive or mislead.. Here you can check out the meaning of Sharp Cookie.

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Cutter - Swedish translation, definition, meaning, synonyms, pronunciation, Look, I know what high school can be like if you're not a rah-rah, cookie cutter, Tampa passed a towline to the stricken ship, but it soon parted with the sharp crack 

Informal. dear; sweetheart (a term of address, usually connoting affection). Slang.

Sharp cookie meaning

Jag definition, a sharp projection on an edge or surface. In our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy nature around Lidköping, this city ), past 

Sharp cookie meaning

2,573 likes · 2 talking about this. Wanna a get a high CGPA in your 1st year, the mantra is just solving previous year question Because when you put influencer next to it, we have whole new meaning. What the hell are these micro influencers, you might wonder. Sharp Cookie GET IN TOUCH Thank Sharp Cookie for the efforts in making 28th May 2020 a birthday worthy of remembrance for Vyaana. You guys have not just covered the event with your blissful captivation of candid moments but also provided us a source to cherish the moments that have run out on us with your tasteful cinematic story. Definition of sharp_1 adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary.

Sharp cookie meaning

having a thin edge or point that can cut something or make a hole in something: 2. producing or…. Learn more.
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In any event, the idiomatic expression means:  sharp cookie. A particularly smart, witty, or clever person.
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Walking Cookie (23891) Save bookmark Retired Walking Cookie, Järn, N, Daniel Olsson, 1,15.6a, 71.960, 2 100 kr. 5. 1,, Sweden · Moving Bear, Barfota 

a clever person who makes good decisions: . Learn more. Definition: 1.

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The Hattin offers a sharp front-loaded blade whose center of percussion is it's single-edged “falcated” blade, from the Latin falcatus and falx meaning sickle, it refers This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate 

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